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Your people, your stuff,
simply secure.

Lucid: your people

Sharing and collaborating starts with finding your people online. Exchange contact cards, build your network, create groups, and combine with your existing address books. Simple and secure identity management. And for the techies: this is our solution for the key management problem.

Your stuff

Access your content from anywhere, on your computer, phone or tablet. Share your files, no matter the size. Collaborate and communicate with your people. Simple and secure content collaboration.

Simple & secure

Our platform provides confidentiality without compromise (also when it comes to user experience). You don't need to trust us. We're not able see what you're storing or sharing. And we can't trick you into doing so either. But don't take our word for it: the design is completely open, have your local geek verify our claims!


No need to worry about your end users' data or compliance. Use the platform APIs to build secure clients that need end-to-end encryption and cryptographically secure identity management.